The 30th Anniversary Conference
The Japan Society for Process Studies

Whitehead and Ethics in the Contemporary World
― For Sustainability and Common Good ―
  The Japan Society for Process Studies was established in 1979.
  The purpose of the Society is (1) to promote the interdisciplinary researches in the various academic fields through the studies of Whitehead’s philosophy and process thought, and (2) to contribute to the development of these academic fields through academic and international exchanges between and among researchers.
  The 30th anniversary conference will be held with the following purpose : We are now faced with a quite new and dangerous stage of civilization. It means that we should be urged to proceed to a new Adventures of Ideas.
  In order to sustain and develop the humanities, to attain peace and stability of the human world and human lives, to sustain the harmony of the natural world, and to aim at the harmony of all the worlds which are generated by these humanities, societies and nature, we hope to hold the conference based on the above theme with members joining us from neighboring countries.

President of the Japan Society for Process Studies
Haruo Murata
Period: October 24, 25, and 26, 2008
Location: Aomori Public College
October 24, Friday  International Section:Large Meeting Room
General Moderator:Dennis U. Okamoto (Aomori Public College)
(Each Session except for Keynote, Presentation 30minutes,
Comment and Discussion 15minutes)
10:10~10:20  Opening Address
   Haruo Murata (Pres., Society for PS, Aomori Public College, Japan)
10:20~11:15   Keynote Address:“Ethics and the Fabric of the Universe”
   David R. Griffin (Claremont School of Theology, U.S.A.)
   Chairperson : Tokiyuki Nobuhara (Keiwa College, Japan)
11:15~11:30                    Questions and Answers
11:30~12:20   “Emotional Intellect and Whitehead’s View of Civilization”
   Seisaku Yamamoto (Kyoto University, Japan)
   Chairperson:Eiko Hanaoka (Nara Sangyo University)
   Commentator:Wang Chengbing (Beijing Normal University, China)
12:20~13:20                       Lunch
13:20~14:10   “Process Philosophy and the Scientific Outlook on Development”
   Xiangping Shen (Beijing Normal University, China)
   Chairperson:Tsugiko Sakai (Tokushima Bunri University, Japan)
   Commentator:Yoshihiro Hayashi (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
14:10~15:00   “A. N. Whitehead’s Ideas on Peace”
   Youn Houn Chung (Chungnam National University, Korea)
   Chairperson:Hiroshi Endo (Waseda University, Japan)
   Commentator:Shigeru Taguchi (Yamagata University, Japan)
15:00~15:20                      Coffee Break
15:20~16:10   “Whitehead's Eco-Philosophy of Nature & Japanese Shizengaku"
   Steve Odin (University of Hawaii, U.S.A.)
   Chairperson:Akiko Tsukamoto (Otsuma Women’s University, Japan)
   Commentator:Yasuto Murata (St. Mary’s College, Nagoya, Japan)
16:10~17:00   “Action Theory for Creativity and Process”
   Bernard Li (Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan)
   Chairperson:Yutaka Tanaka (Sophia University, Japan)
   Commentator:Hitoshi Hongo (Tokyo Denki University, Japan)
17:00~17:15  Summarization and Announcement
   ‐8th International Conference in Japan,2011

   Yutaka Tanaka (Vice Pres., Japan Society for PS, Sophia University)
October 25, Saturday Special Lecture, Symposium, Members Meeting:
                                       Room 545
      The 30th Anniversary Reception:Aomori International Guest House 
(Special Lecture 50minutes, Presentation 25minutes)
11:00~13:00  Board Meeting  (Large Meeting Room)
13:20~14:20  <Special Lecture (Open to the Public)>
 “Science, Metaphysics and Narrative
      ――Whitehead's "Science and the Modern World" Revisited――”

   Keiichi Noe (Tohoku University)
   Chairperson:Haruo Murata (Aomori Public College)
14:20~14:30                    Coffee Break
14:30~16:50  <Symposium(Open to the Public)>
 “Whitehead and Ethics in the Contemporary World
        ―For Sustainability and Common Good―”

 Panelists:Hiromasa Mase
            (Tohoku University of Community Service and Science)
         Yoshiyuki Sato (Waseda University)
         Tsuneo Sasaki (Aomori Public College)
 Chairpersons:Haruo Murata・Masahiko Yoshihara (Aomori Public College)
16:50~17:00                    Coffee Break
17:00~18:00                   Members Meeting
18:20~20:20               The 30th Anniversary Reception
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【Aomori station → Aomori Public College】
7:35-8:15 7:35-8:20
(Friday only)
8:10-8:40 9:28-9:54 9:20-10:00 11:15-11:55 11:55-12:25
(Friday only)
14:00-14:26 13:55-14:35 14:30-15:10 15:25-15:55 15:32-15:58 15:55-16:40
(Friday only)
【Aomori Public College → Aomori station】  *is to getting off at the bus stop ( Furukawa).
10:10-10:50 10:40-11:20 12:10-12:50 12:27-13:32
13:01-13:40 13:30-14:10
(Friday only)
15:10-15:50 15:20-16:00 16:26-17:05 16:51-17:31 16:55-17:35
(Friday only)
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17:50-18:30 17:55-19:02
(Friday only)
18:50-19:30 19:30-20:05
(Friday only)
(Friday only)
************************** For inquires, contact **********************
Prof. Masahiko Yoshihara
153-4 Yamazaki Goushizawa Aomori-City, Aomori, Japan, Zip code: 030-0196
Tel&Fax:+81-17-764-1674 E-mail
October 26, Sunday Presenting Reports: Free Subjects
 (Presentation 30minutes, Comment and Discussion 15minutes)
Session 1   (Room 419)
Session 2   (Room 422)
10:15~11:00  “A. N. Whitehead and Sustainability”
 By Shigeyuki Itow & Zhao Da Feng
           (Kyushu Sangyo University)
 Chair & Commentator: I. Hirata
           (Kansai Gaidai University)
 “Whitehead's Philosophy in the Transition Period ―Nature, Body, and Mind―”
 By Koji Yoshida (Sophia University, GS)
 Chair & Commentator : Y. Goh
      (Japan Biblical Theological Seminary)
11:05~11:50  “The View of Labour in Whitehead ―Technical Education and Formation of Human-beings―”
 By Yoko Hamasaki
 Chair & Commentator: Eiko Hanaoka
           (Nara Sangyo University)
 “On an Epistemological Significance of ‘now-here’ in Whitehead’s Philosophy of Science”
 By Masami Endo (Doshisha University, GS)
 Chair & Commentator: S. Nagao(Meiji University)
11:55~12:40  “Issues of Contemporary Ethics and Whitehead’s Philosophy ―Propound the ‘Responsibility Spiral Model’―”
 By Teruso Taniguchi(St. Andrew’s University)
 Chair & Commentator : M. Hishiki
               (Doho University)
 “Co-present and Simultaneity”

 By Motonari Mori (Osaka University, GS)
 Chair & Commentator : Y. Tanaka
               (Sophia University)
13:30~14:15  “Towards Attaining a Sustainable Community”

 By Dennis U.Okamoto (Aomori Public College)
 Chair & Commentator : Gene Reeves
 “Creativity and Sustainability ―Ethics of Civilization in Process Thought―”

 By Yasuto Murata(St. Mary’s College, Nagoya)
 Chair &Commentator : N. Nakamura
               (Chuo University)
14:20~15:05  “Adventures of Practices for Cultural and Sustainable Values”
 By Chu-ichiro Hirose
(Director, Sustainable Management Forum, Japan)
 Chair & Commentator : S. Itow
             (Kyushu Sangyo University)
 “The Problem of the Ethics in the Contemporary World”

 By Eiko Hanaoka(Nara Sangyo University)
 Chair & Commentator: Y. Arakawa
             (Tenri University)
15:05  Ending