Once every year, a conference is held for the purpose of promoting the researches through the significant discussions on Whitehead's philosophy and process thought. This annual conference is open to the public, with the latest presenting reports by members, symposium and workshop on the topics of the problems in the contemporary world. Please see 'The Conference for this Year', if you would like to have information about the conference which will be held this year. Please see 'A List of Past Conferences', if you would like to have information about conferences which were held in times past.
The Next Conference and Event

The 45th Conference Program
    2023/10/7, 8  at Chiba University

A List of Past Conferences and Events

The 43rd Conference Program (In Japanese Only)
    2021/10/9, 10  at Zoom

The 42nd Conference Program (In Japanese Only)
    2020/10/2  at Zoom

The 41st Conference Program (In Japanese Only)
    2019/12/21-12/22  at Chuo Gakuin University

The 40th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)
    2018/10/13-10/14  at Chuo University(Korakuen Campus)

The 39th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)
    2017/10/14-10/15  at Tenri University

Helmut Maassen's Lecture 'Music and time according to St. Augustine's De Musica'
9/21 19:00~21:00 at Sophia University

The 38th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)
    2016/10/8-10/9  at Rissho University

"Riso: Whitehead" Vol. 693 3rd Meeting for a Joint Review
 2016/2/29  Chuo University

The 37th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)
    2015/9/19-9/20  at Hokkaido University

"Riso: Whitehead" Vol. 693 2nd Meeting for a Joint Review
   2015/3/28  Sophia University

"Riso: Whitehead" Vol. 693 A Meeting for a Joint Review 2014/12/27  Rissho University

The 36th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)
    2014/10/11-10/12  at St. Andrew's University

The 35th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)
    2013/11/30-12/1  at Chuo University

The 34th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)  2012/9/8-9  at Kyoto
  *Lecture and Symposium
  *Session2 Supplement
  *International Essay Contest for Young Process Scholars

2012/12/2  Prof.Kurian Kachappilly's Seminar at Sophia University

International Essay Contest for Young Process Scholars

8th International Whitehead Conference  2011/9/26-29  at Sophia University
    *The recorded videos are offered through the Sophia University official website:
     Opening Session and Plenary Session
     Parallel Session

The 32nd Conference Program (In Japanese Only)  2010/9/18-19  at Tokushima Bunri University

2010/2/20 Eco-Sophia Symposium at Sophia Unviersity
The Way of Eco-Sophia for the Future of Civilization

2009/10/26  Eco-Sophia seminar at Sophia University
Becoming Intermezzo: Eco-Theopoetics After the Anthropic Principle

The 31st Conference Program (In Japanese Only)  2009/10/24-25  at Chuo University
    *Oct. 24 Prof. Roland Faber's seminar paper:
Organic or Orgiastic Metaphysics?
-Reflections on Whitehead's Reception in Contemporary Poststructualism-

The 30th Anniversary Conference  2008/10/24-26  at Aomori Public College

The 29th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)  2007/9/29-30  at Doho University

The 28th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)  2006/11/11-12  at Tenri University

The 27th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)  2005/9/24-25  at Chiba University of Commerce

The 26th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)  2004/9/24-25  at Nara Sangyo University

The 25th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)  2003/9/26-27  at Sophia University

The 24th Conference Program (In Japanese Only)  2002/10/26-27  at Tohoku University of Community

The 23rd Conference Program (In Japanese Only)  2001/10/13-14  at Ryukoku University

The 22nd Conference Program (In Japanese Only)  2000/10/7-8  at Yamaguchi Prefectural University

The 21st Conference Program (In Japanese Only)  1999/11/9-10  at Rikkyo University (Saint Paul's University)

Process Thought
   'Process Thought' which is an academic journal of the Japan Society for Process Studies is published every other year as a rule. Please click on each link to see the images of the biyearly issues.

Process Thought No.17 / 2016  Japanese

Yutaka Tanaka  ....     5
Tanabe’s Philosophy and Whitehead
Makoto Ozaki  ....   11
Two types of ‘incompatibility’ in Whitehead’s philosophy
Naoki Arimura  ....   25
Alterity and Reality: Levinas, Harman and Whitehead
Motoaki Iimori  ....   39
Avoidance of the “fallacy of misplaced concreteness” in the organizations:
Reexamining the “concrescent process” of Whitehead and the “nouritu” of Yoichi Ueno
Seiji Ihara  ....   55
Four Continuities in The Varieties of Religious Experience
―The Aim and Range of William James’s Religious Theory―
Ryo Omaya  ....   69
Coexistence of Plural Subjects in Whitehead’s Philosophy
Yusuke Shimizu  ....   83
Whitehead and Hume―Design Arguments
Yuzo Yamaura  ....   99
The Theory of Feelings toward Practice of Metaphysics:
Bradley, James, and Whitehead
Koji Yoshida  .... 113
A. N. Whitehead and A. H. Johnson: Note of the Last Student
Shigeyuki Itow  .... 125
.... 138
An Essay on Tragic Beauty in Whitehead & Japanese Aesthetics
Steve Odin  .... 158

Process Thought No.16 / 2014  Japanese

Yutaka Tanaka  ....     5
Invited LECTURE(2012):
Theology after Auschwitz - Dialogue with Hans Jonas
Yutaka Tanaka  ....   9
SYMPOSIUM(2012): God and Nature
Summary by Chairperson
Ichiro Hirata  ....   25
Gods and Nature in Shinto
Toji Kamata  ....   27
God and Nature in Metamorphosis
"From Martin Luther through Cobb, Takizawa, and Nishida to Whitehead"
Tokiyuki Nobuhara  ....   41
Are God and the World Continuous or Non-continuous?
Yoshihiro Arakawa  ....   55
Invited LECTURE(2013):
An interrelation between the world and the Individuals - from Actual Entity to Monad
Yoshiaki Sasaki  ....   63
SYMPOSIUM(2013): Whitehead and Leibniz
On "The fourth of the four dharma-worlds" by Chairperson
Noboru Nakamura  ....   83
A distance between Leibniz and Whitehead - concerning their concept of event
Yukiko Hashimoto  ....   87
Whitehead and Leibniz: Actual Entity and Monad
Yasuto Murata  ....   99
Transcendence and Salvation in Interstitial Empty Space
Hiroshi Endo  ....   115
The Attitude toward Experience in James's Philosophy
- Examination of the Theory of Consciousness in The Principles of Psychology
and Comparison of James's Philosophical Method with Whitehead's-
Ryo Omaya  ....   127
lndividuals and Processes: Leibniz and Whitehead on Structure and Time
Nobuto Saito  ....   141
The theory of perception in Whitehead's Philosophy
- The relation between a theory of perception based on propositions
and one based on symbolic reference -
Yosuke Sato  .... 153
Whitehead and Leibniz: on the Problem of "Unit"
Yusuke Shimizu  .... 167
The Epistemo-ontology of Whitehead and Schelling:
Common standpoints of dipolar interdependence and yet different notions of realization
Satoru Hamada  .... 181
Mouring and Whitehead's Philosophy: Loss and Immortality
Yasuto Murata  .... 197
Reflections on Whiteheadian Methodology: Towards Furure Whiteheadian Studies
Koji Yoshida  .... 211

Process Thought No.15 / 2012  Japanese

Yutaka Tanaka  ....     5
Invited LECTURE(2010):
The Argument of "Gender" from the Viewpoint of of "philosophy"
Aiko Ogoshi  ....   11
SYMPOSIUM(2010): The Progress of Civilization and its Problem
Summary by Chairperson
Tsugiko Sakai  ....   33
The Progress of Civilization and Its Problem:
Upward Trend and Objective Immortality
Yasuto Murata  ....   37
An Inquiry into Sapientia Convivendi
Yutaka Tanaka  ....   49
The Problem of Environment and Nature
-through the Philosophy of A.N.Whitehead and K.Nishida
Eiko Hanaoka  ....   61
The Problem of the Two Ultimates and the Proposal of An Ecozoics of the Deity:
In Dialogue with Thomas Berry
Tokiyuki Nobuhara  ....   71
Continuity and Atomicity
Ichiro Hirata  ....   87
Whitehead’s Encounter with the Metaphysics of Bradley
Masato Ishida  ....   99
Return of the Virtual in Whitehead and Bergson
Naomiki Morinaga  .... 113
Whitehead's Theory of God in his Transition Period:
In Contrast with Alexander's Theory of Emergent Evolution
Koji Yoshida  .... 127
Contrast and Comparison between Whitehead and Kant
in terms of the view on human experience and knowing
Yuzo Yamaura  .... 139
From Imagination to Creation
-an essential function of proposition in the scheme of Whitehead
Yosuke Sato  .... 151
Reason and the Other
-Whitehead's Adventuring Reason and Levinas's Skepticism as Revenant
Motoaki Iimori  .... 163
.... 177
On the Prehension
-The birth of prehension in Science and the Modern World-
Motonao Mori  .... 193
Realization Process of the Absolute's Will through Individuals
Tatsuya Konishi  .... 204

Process Thought No.14 / 2010  Japanese

Haruo Murata  ....     5
Invited LECTURE(2008):
Science, Metaphysics and Narrative
-Whitehead's "Science and the Modern World" Revisited-
Keiichi Noe  ....     9
SYMPOSIUM(2008): Whitehead and Ethics in the Contemporary World
-For Sustainability and Common Good-
Common Good and Sustainability
Hiromasa Mase  ....   31
Civil Society and the Restoration of Reciprocity as Ethics
Yoshiyuki Sato  ....   41
The Sustainability of Communities
Tsuneo Sasaki  ....   51
Symposium(2009): Whitehead and the Contemporary Philosophy:
On "Space"(1)
Noboru Nakamura  ....   59
For the "Contemporaneousness of Philosophy:
Thoughts of Today and Whitehead
Ken Shiotani  ....   63
Return of Virtual in Whitehead and Bergson
Naomiki Morinaga  ....   73
A Comparison between Whitehead's Thought and Husserl's Phenomenology
Tsuyoshi Teramoto  ....   85
Reflections on the Three Ultimates and the Mystery of Creativity:
In Dialogue with John B. Cobb, Jr. and Bob Mesle
Tokiyuki Nobuhara  ....   95
Whitehead's Concept of Process and Eastern Thought
Makoto Ozaki  .... 111
Final Cause of Whitehead's Process and Reality
Ichiro Hirata  .... 125
Narrating Process:
An Introduction to Process Narratology
Yoshihiro Hayashi  .... 135
Consciousness in Whitehead's Philosophy in the Transition Period:
In Contrast with James' Philosophy
Koji Yoshida  .... 147
The Relational Characteristics of A. N. Whitehead's
Structural Concept of Space-Time in his Middle Works
Masami Endo  .... 159
Experience et Sujet
—La philosophie de Whitehead et de Deleuze, les differences entre elles
Motonao Mori  .... 171
.... 190
Is "Process Musicology" Possible?
-A Note on Music-centered Relational Understanding for Students-
Kan-ichi Hidemura  .... 202
Invited LECTURE(2009):
Organic or Orgiastic Metaphysics? Reflection on
Whitehead's Reception in Contemporary Poststructuralism
Roland Faber  .... 222

Process Thought No.13 / 2008  Japanese

Self-reliance, Community, and Radical Relativism
-Reflections on the theme of 30th Anniversary
for "the Common Good and Sustainability"-
Haruo Murata  ....     1
Whitehead's Metaphysics
-A theory of the Empty Space
Hiroshi Endo  ....     9
Whitehead and Christian Thoughts
-with Focus on Evalution of Process Theology-
Sadamichi Ashina  ....   25
Whitehead and Peace
Isamu Nagami  ....   37
A. N. Whitehead Theory of Peace:
Its Evaluation and Critics
Shigeyuki Itow  ....   51
A Whiteheadian Theory of Peace:
Its Aspiration and Possibility
Yasuto Murata  ....   67
Actual Entity and Energeia
Yoshihiro Arakawa  ....   89
Thinner Than Things
-Whiteheadian Metaphysics of Attributes
Nobuto Saito  ....   99
Introducing a Time Horizon into Ethics
Yoshihiro Hayashi  .... 115
Whitehead's Philosophy in the Transition Period
-Toward the Introduction of the Epochal Theory of Time-
Koji Yoshida  .... 131

Process Thought No.12 / 2006  Japanese

Beyond An "Era of Finitude":
The Twenty-Eight Years of The Japan Society for Process Studies
President Haruo Murata  ....     1
Nisahida and Hojo-Sensei
-In Praise of the Old System of liberal Education
Keiji Matunobu  ....     7
Metaphysics of Logic and Mathematics
in the Late Period of Whitehead and Nishida
Hiroshi Endo  ....   13
Others and Time
Ichiro Hirata  ....   27
Whitehead and the Recent Situation around the Education in Japan
Kan-ichi Hidemura  ....   43
The Reality of What Cannot Be:
On the Paradoxical Logic in Whitehead's Philosophy
Yasuto Murata  ....   65
Toward a Whiteheadian Mode of Imagination
Yoshihiro Hayashi  ....   87
The Horizon of Sustainability
Hitoshi Hongo  .... 103
Logical Basis of Process Metaphysics:
A Survey into Whitehead's Theory of Part and Whole
Saito Nobuto  .... 121

Process Thought No.11 / 2004  Japanese

In Memory of the 25th Anniversary
of the Japan Society for Process Studies
Honorary President Keiji Matsunobu  ....     1
Fromm's Thought in the form of Post Modernism
Asano Iino  ....     5
Dilthey and Whitehead
Seisaku Yamamoto  ....   25
Whitehead's View of Life
Yoshihiro Arakawa  ....   47
A. N. Whitehead and Koji Hasegawa:
Toward an Aesthetic Inquiry
Shigeyuki Itow  ....   61
Existence in the Cosmos:
An Existential Dimension in Process Thought
Yoshihiro Hayashi  ....   85
An Essay on Separation of State and Church and Anti-War Movement
in Modern Japan in the Sight of Whitehead's Theory of Civilization
Masaharu Hishiki  .... 101
Religion and Politics in Tanabe's Triadic Logic of Species
Makoto Ozaki  .... 115
The Topos of Nothingness and the World Process:
An Essay on Process Cosmology in Science and Religion
Yutaka Tanaka  .... 133

Process Thought No.10 / 2002  Japanese

Human Being, Science, and Religion
-in Light of Process Metaphysics-
Hiroshi Endo  ....     1
Science and Religion in the Modern Society
Isamu Nagai  ....   19
Process and Contingency:
Whitehead and Shuzo Kuki
Yoshihiro Arakawa  ....   49
The Intensity of Imcomparableness
-Ethics over the uniqueness referring
Kitaro Nishida and Whitehead-
Eugene Itabashi  ....   65
Civilization and Caring:
Ethics of Caring Founded on the Philosophy of Organism
Yasuto Murata  ....   91
On Whitehead's Theory of Propositions
Nobuto Saito  .... 111
Salvation of Human Existence as a Historical Discussion
Yoshitaka Goh  .... 125
The Topos of Nothingness and the World Process I
Yutaka Tanaka  .... 145

Process Thought No.9 / 2000  Japanese

On Recent Discussions between Griffin and Kim
Concerning Supervenience
Hiroshi Endo  ....     2
Alfred North Whitehead's Political Theory and Cybernetics
Shigeyuki Itow  ....   10
From "Field" to "Process":
Whitehead seen from Merleau Ponty
Tetsuya Kono  ....   34
The Continuum Atomized:
in Light of Peirce's Synechism
Masato Ishida  ....   48
The Intensity of Experience
Ichiro Hirata  ....   60
Relatedness and the Emotional Intellect:
Examining Whitehead's Philosophy of Organizm
Yasuto Murata  ....   74
Summaries of Japanese Articles
  ....   88
The World as the Active Presence of Eternity
Makoto Ozaki  ....   97

Process Thought No.8 / 1998  Japanese

Hiroshi Endo  ....     1
Zeitlichkeit und Ondividualitaet:
Leibniz, Husserl, Whitehead
Shigeru Tagichi  ....     3
Process and Circle:
Process Thought in Heidegger's Ontology
Yasuto Murata  ....   15
Variety of Religious Pluralism
Yoshitaka Goh  ....   27
Nature and History
Makoto Ozaki  ....   62
Lilies of the Field Toil Not Neither Do They Spin:
Biblical Echo in Whitehead's Thoughts on Education
Tamotu Yoshima  ....   78
From Creativity to Ontogenetic Matrix:
Learning from Whitehead's Account of the Ultimate
Jorge Luis Nobo  ....   90

Process Thought No.7 / 1996  Japanese

Theism as Radical Positivism: Minds, Bodies, Yes;
  Mindless Matter, No. Causality, Yes; Determinism, No.
Charles Hartshorne  ....     1
   Translated into Japanese
Minoru Otsuka  ....     6
A Critical Examination of Whitehead's Metaphysics
in the Light of Santayana's Later Ontology
Hiroshi Endo  ....   13
On Homologies in Thinking-structures
Sueo Oshima  ....   23
Inntuition and Physical Purpose
Motai Yukionbsp; ....   31
Whitehead's Beauty and Tanabe's Critique of Contemplation
Makoto Ozaki  ....   56

Process Thought No.6 / 1995  Japanese

John B. Cobb, Jr.  ....     1
Special Issue: Reading on Process and Reality
Speculative Philosophy, Metaphysics:
A Reading of Process and Reality
Masaharu Kojima  ....     3
Compositional Analysis on Process and Reality
and the Method of Speculative Philosophy
Ichiro Hirata  ....   23
Whitehead's God Is Changing?
Yoshihiro Arakawa  ....   45
A Contextual Analysis of Process and Reality
on the Electronic Data Base of Whitehead
Yutaka Tanaka  ....   57
Developing New Theory of Grasping Environments
Based on Whitehead's Perception Theory
Teruso Taniguchi  ....   89
Whitehead and Language: Imperfection of Language
Tamotsu Yoshima  .... 124
How Can Pure Experience Give Rise to Religious Self-Awareness and
Then to the Topological Argument for the Existence of God Cogently?:
Nishida, Whitehead, and Pannenberg
Tokiyuki Nobuhara  .... 150

Process Thought No.5 / 1993  Japanese

In Memory of the 15th Annniversary of
The Japan Society for Process Studies
Torataro Shimomura  ....     1
Second Language Learning in Terms of
the Philosophy of Organism
Tamotsu Yoshima  ....     3
Whitehead und Phaenomenologie
Akihiko Tanizaki  ....   13
Whitehead's Teleogical View of Nature
Ichiro Hirata  ....   25
Whitehead et Merleau-Ponty:
a propos de "Philosophie" et "Langage"
Hitoshi Hongo  ....   37
Process Thinkers' View of Buddhist Thought (II):
John B. Cobb Jr. and David R. Griffin
Ryusei Takeda  ....   49
Reason and Sensivility:
Two Integral Components of Poetry
Fumitsugu Inoue  ....   63
Greeting for the 15th Anniversary:
Recollection and Prospect
Keiji Matsunobu  ....   73
How Can Principles Be More Than Just Epistemological Or Conceptual?
Anselm, Nagarjuna, and Whitehead
Tokiyuki Nobuhara  .... 100

Process Thought No.4 / 1991  Japanese

Whitehead's Point of View on University Education
Kenji Moriguchi  ....     1
Barth's Theology and Whitehead's Philosophy Reconsidered
Sueo Oshima  ....     5
The Concept of Nature as a Living Organism:
The Greeks and Whitehead
Kyoko Kusayama  ....   17
J. Dewey's Theory of Art
Tadaaki Taniguchi  ....   35
Human Becoming in the Cosmic Process:
A. N. Whitehead's Influence on P. H. Phenix's Philosophy of Education
Tsugiko Sakai  ....   47
Concrescence and Perception
Kenji Kyoya  ....   59
The Issue of Causal Imputation in Weber and Whitehead
Yoshitaka Goh  ....   69
    *     *     *     *     *
Nature and History
Keiichi Kashiwabara  ....   77
Process and Topos:
Relativistic Quantum Cosmology and Whitehead's Metaphysics
Yutaka Tanaka  ....   87
Field and Process
Nishida's Philosophy of Life Reviewed by a Biologist
Koji Yamamoto  .... 107
Probleme des lieux et Whitehead
Yujiro Nakamura  .... 117